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Adjudication is a quick and affordable way to resolve your dispute. It is especially suitable for those owed money.

Our Construction Lawyers have represented both Referring and Responding parties in literally dozens of adjudications and we have an enviable record.

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Adjudication is the go to method of resolving construction disputes between the parties to a construction contract. The whole process is fast paced and it is quite possible that it can be completed in under two months and a decision made and relayed to the parties.


With regard to the process, the claimant is the Referring party and the defendant is the Responding party. The Adjudicator is a third party appointed by a nominating body (such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) and he/she will generally be an expert in the field of the dispute. Adjudication is a documents only process and each party will put their case forward (usually via e-mail) in turn as directed by the adjudicator.


Whilst in theory the parties can represent themselves at adjudication the process is quite complicated and we would always recommend that you seek expert help and support from someone such as us.

our expert Adjudication Services include

When Acting for the Referring Party

  • Reviewing Your Dispute

  • Preparing the Notice of Adjudication

  • Appointing the Adjudicator

  • Preparing the Referral

  • Managing the Process

When Acting for the Responding Party

  • Quickly Reviewing the Referral

  • Establishing your Position

  • Agreeing a Strategy

  • Preparing the Response

  • Managing the Process


Top Tip..!

If you receive a Notice of Adjudication it is imperative that you act immediately. Adjudication is a quick process with a strict timetable which must be adhered to.


Our experienced Construction Lawyers are on hand to ensure that you issue a fully compliant Response within the required timescales.

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