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Dispute Resolution

By finding us you have made the first step to resolving your Engineering Problem or 

Building Dispute.

Our dual qualified Construction Lawyers are experts in the field of Dispute Resolution and are available to discuss your problem with a free no obligation chat. 

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our specialist Dispute Resolution Services include

  • Payment Problems

  • Disputes Relating to Variations

  • Disputes Relating to Quality or Defects

  • Damage to Third Party Properties

  • Agreeing the Value of the Work Done

  • Termination

  • Building Disputes

  • Delay or Incomplete Works

  • Insurance Claims

  • Breach of Contract

  • Third Party Contractor Issues

  • Contractor Design Elements

  • Clarification of Contract Terms

  • Overpayment

our Dispute Resolution process includes

  • Discussing your situation and giving our honest assessment of your position

  • Once we have established that, we will negotiate with the other party on your behalf in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

  • If the other party refuse to engage, then we will recommend the Dispute Resolution process most suited to you (usually one of Mediation, Expert Determination, Adjudication or Litigation)

  • We will manage the whole process on your behalf keeping you up to date with progress.

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