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Construction Law

We are a Consultancy specialising in Construction Law, Dispute Resolution, Construction Adjudication and Project Management throughout the UK from offices in London and Manchester.

We advise Developers, Employers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors from the Construction & Engineering Sectors

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"Our team of dual qualified Construction Lawyers and Project Professionals have decades of real world construction industry experience.

You may be in the early stages of a project and need an experienced team to help you deliver your project on time and in budget, you may need expert contract advice or you may be an architect needing quantity surveying services, whatever it is, project related, we can help.


As dispute revolvers, we are there for you when things go wrong, we are specialists in contract law and represent our clients in adjudication and mediation. Our experience enables us to offer you a range of affordable, bespoke solutions tailored to your exact needs.


Our Construction background means that no matter what help you need, we have been in your shoes, we speak your language and we understand the problems that you face"


Phil Speak LLM, MCIOB, MCIArb

Master of Laws (Construction Law & Practice), Chartered Construction Manager, Arbitrator, Quantity Surveyor, Adjudicator and RICS Accredited Mediator

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Dispute Resolution

Disputes are worrying, time consuming and can be expensive, it is in your interests to resolve them.

When deciding who to appoint to help you, it is crucial that you choose a team you can trust and who have the right experience.

Our dual qualified Construction Lawyers and Project Professionals have decades of experience and can help you resolve your disputes quickly and cost effectively.


Adjudication is the industries 'go to' method of Dispute Resolution and we have done lots of it.

We are equally adept at acting for the Referring or the Responding Parties and are your 'go to' firm for assuring a favourable outcome.

If you are served with an adjudication notice you need to act fast, so contact us immediately for expert advice.

Project Management

Effective Project Management has a number of benefits. It ensures that your project runs smoothly, is more efficient, and therefore more profitable and it reduces the possibility of disputes.


Our team includes experienced Project Managers who can help you to maximise the potential of the projects you undertake. 


Whether you are architects, contractors, sub-contractors or employers, there will be times when you require expert legal advice which could be relating to a Contract, Collateral Warranties, a Sub-Contract agreement or Suppliers Terms and Conditions.

Our  experienced Construction Lawyers will help you to manage your risk and liabilities with their expert help and advice.

 what Our Customers say

at Adjudication

It was a severe  battle overturning a near £500K counter claim against the work we have done, but you did it...

at Adjudication

I think this (referral) is fantastic. Thank you for your hard work on this...

at Adjudication

I went straight to the end (of the adjudicators decision) and have not yet read the detail, but that's exactly the result that we wanted...

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